I’m Kent. I work in technology as a business and product leader. This is Sophrocyne - an ongoing and growing collection of my essays.

This site is named after two concepts in particular - the notion of sophrosyne and the philosophy of the Cynics.

Sophrosyne is the virtue of temperance and self-control - a trait of excellent character.

The Cynics (in a somewhat less pejorative use than the modern term) believed in taking a critical eye towards societal norms, and seeking virtue by freeing oneself from the hollow symbols of status in that society.

In my search to know better, the Hellenic roots of western philosophy have often provided insight. While they serve as a foundation — a starting point — they are just that. I’ve taken the liberty to coin a neologism combining these two - Sophrocyne.

To seek sophrocyne is to become deeply aware of the self, embrace flaws, and work towards shaping action towards an ideal. Rather than our path being mandated by the society of the past, I propose for us to work from a place of freedom to build the society of tomorrow. This pursuit of mine is an endeavor in improving my own character by shaping it with conversations and feedback with others. It a calling to be cosmopolitan - a citizen of the world, rather than ruled by the ideologies of any single nation.

Seeking sophrocyne is an unending process of becoming something better than we have been, and it is something I aspire to in both my life and work.

My aim for this humble little corner of the internet is to share thoughts on the world as I see it, with an orientation towards examining the geopolitical realities of technology and business. This project is pursued with the hope that in sharing my journey, it’ll help in your own.

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“First say to yourself what you would be;

and then do what you have to do.” ― Epictetus

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